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IBM Spectrum Control (TPC) and STOR2RRD coexistence

STOR2RRD can coexists with IBM Spectrum Control by monitoring same SVC/Storwize storage under one condition.
Booth tools must use the same sample rate as both use the same data collection.

STOR2RRD default sample rate is 5 minutes, TPC uses 1 minute we believe.

  1. switch TPC to 5 minutes: apparently TPC rate can be changed (at least it was possible in older versions).
  2. switch STOR2RRD to 1 minute: STOR2RRD sample rate for SVC/Storwize supports 1 minute sample rate but we do not recommend 1 minute unless it is really necessary.
    Some big SVC clusters (8 nodes) might have a problem to provide data even per 5 minutes therefore we recommend 10 minutes. STOR2RRD sample rate change
Note there is no any overhead when you compare TPC and STOR2RRD on the strage itself as both tools use the same data collection and just scp data collected by the storage.