Free SAN and storage performance and capacity monitoring

HW event alerting

It is available since v2.00.
It raises an alert when any HW error is detected for any devices.
You can configure via the GUI ➡ Alerting Configuration ➡ Event alerting

Alerting types

  • Emailing.
  • Nagios support. You can configure Nagios to pick up alarms from STOR2RRD via standard NRPE module.
    Nagios plug-in installation
  • External alerting via external shell script. Each alert can invoke defined script with given parameters.
    You can use it for your integration needs.
  • SNMP trap, follow this to configure it
  • Alerting plug-ins to other monitoring tools can be developed on demand especially for customers under support contract
Basically an alert is raised when any device status is changed to red color in the healthstatus page.