Free SAN and storage performance and capacity monitoring

Host data

Host performance data is based on volumes performance data. It aggregates attached volumes.
There is not kept performance statistics separatelly per host base. All is only mapping to assigned volumes
Storages usualy do not to provide host based performance statistics.

Therefore data provided here do not have to be always accurate in this scenarios:
  • There is more hosts which share same volumes (typical for cluster usage)
    In this case you can see high traffic even on the stand-by cluster nodes
  • When a volume is re-assigned in time, then its historical traffic is presented under the new host instead of the original one where it has been generated.
There are exceptions when some storages are able to provide real per host based performance data.
In this case you can see real data for every attached host.
List of storages providing direct host based perf statistics:
  • Hitachi VSP-G
  • Hitachi HUS-VM
  • Dell EMC² VMAX
  • Dell EMC² XtremIO
  • Dell SC series (Compellent)
  • HPE 3PAR (since product version 2.00)
  • Huawei OceanStor
  • Pure Storage
  • INFINIDAT InfiniBox
  • DataCore SANsymphony

Know issues

Some old Hitachi VSP/HUS-VM firmwares do not provide host data regulary.
Basically it is a storage issue we cannot do anything.
If you experience a problem with host data then you might switch to volume aggregated data via this setting:
# su - stor2rrd
$ cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd
$ vi etc/.magic
   # it forces to use volume based data for all Hitachi VSP/VSP-G/HUS-VM storages
   # you can specify only storages which use volume based data when VSPG_NATIVE_HOSTS=0
   # when you comment out VSPG_NATIVE_HOSTS_EXCLUDED_LIST then VSPG_NATIVE_HOSTS=0 afects all HDS VSP/VSP-G/HUS-VM storages
   VSPG_NATIVE_HOSTS_EXCLUDED_LIST="storage-hus-vm-01 storage-hus-vm-02"
$ chmod 644 etc/.magic
$ rm tmp/1.*
$ ./ html
Ctrl-F5 in the browser when finishes.
Note: this workaround is available since version 1.30-1.