Free SAN and storage performance and capacity monitoring


We sell software support services.
We do not sell the product software license as the product is free software released under GNU General Public License.

Premium level

Price is fixed for up to 20 attached storages and up to 1000 SAN ports.
Contact for price quotation if you have more than 20 storages or 1000 SAN ports.
One product instance can manage unlimited number of storages and SAN switches.
It includes storage and SAN monitoring.
Price is valid for 1 STOR2RRD instance under support.

Level of support 12 months 24 months 36 months
Premium $5000 $10000 $14000
There is 20% discount for the 3rd year already included in 3 years price.

Standard level

Priced is based on tier and number of storages or SAN switches.
It is intended for low amount of entry or midrange level storages and SAN switches.

Level of support 12 months 24 months 36 months
Standard Unit price Unit price x 2 Unit price x 3
There is 20% discount for the 3rd year.

Storage tiers

Storage tier 1 storage unit
[per 1 year]
Up to 4 storage units
[per storage and 1 year]
More than 4 storage units
[per storage and 1 year]
Entry level $550 $500 $400
Midrange $700 $650 $550
Enterprise Premium only Premium only Premium only
Highest tier has to be used in case of mixed environment

Definitions of storages tiers

Entry level Midrange Enterprise
IBM Storwize V3700 IBM Storwize V5000, V7000 IBM FlashSystem V9000,V840
IBM DS3000 IBM DCS3700, DS4000, DS5000 IBM DS6000, DS8000
Hitachi HUS 110 Hitachi AMS, HUS 130, HUS 150,
VSP-G 200,400
Hitachi VSP-G 600,800,1000
HPE MSA P2000 HPE 3PAR 7000,8000
StoreOnce 3xxx, VSA
HPE 3PAR 10000,20000
HPE XP,P9500
StoreOnce 5xxx,6xxx
NetApp FAS 2520 NetApp FAS 2552, FAS 2554, FAS 3220,
FAS 3250, FAS 6040, FAS 6080
NetApp E/EF-Series
NetApp FAS 8060, FAS 8080
NetApp AFF
EMC² VNXe1600, DD3000 EMC² VNXe3200, VNX, Unity, DD6000 EMC² VMAX, VPLEX, DD9000, XtremIO
Dell SCv2000,3000 Dell SC4020,5020,7020, FS8600 Dell SC9000
Pure Storage M10 Pure Storage M20,M50 Pure Storage M70,X70
DX60, DX100, DX200
DX500, DX600, AF250
DX8000, AF650
Huawei 2600,5300,5500,5600,5800 Huawei 6800,18x00, Dorado
Lenovo V3700, S2200 Lenovo V5030, S3200
DotHill AssuredSAN 3000,4000 DotHill AssuredSAN 5000,6000
DataCore SANsymphony
Quantum StorNext
Unit price is valid for one storage enclosure unit (max 2 controllers).
Storage pricing examples.

SAN monitoring

Up to 4 SAN
More than 4 SAN
Up to 4 SAN
More than 4 SAN
$500 $1000 $1500 Premium level

Monitoring as a Service

We offer STOR2RRD as a Service when we host and operate performance monitoring of your storage infrastructure.
Price is in US dollars and without VAT.
If you have more STOR2RRD instances then we are able to offer you additional discount.
Huge software customization: price per request.
Use a quote form to get a quote.
Further information and a quote preparation on request via
Credit card payment possibility (ask for the quote at first): Visa Mastercard American Express JCB Discove Carte Bleue PayPal
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