Free storage, SAN and LAN performance and capacity monitoring

Support services

You can optionally order professional software support services in 2 levels of support. We do not sell the product software license as the product is free software released under GNU General Public License.

Enterprise edition

Customers under any support level get enterprise edition of the product with these benefits:
  • Proxy agent feature
  • Reporter: unlimited number of reports with possibility to automate their run
    Free version has limit for one report with no scheduling possibility
  • Unlimited number of Pools, Volumes or SAN ports in each Custom Group.
    Free version has maximum limit 10 storage volumes or 4 SAN switch ports per a Custom Group.
  • Unlimited number of items (Volume/Pool/Port ...) in a Historical PDF or XLS report. Example
    Free version is limited to 1 item per PDF/XLS Historical report.
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Premium support

  • next business day response time for critical issues
  • regular health checks (once a 6 months)
  • new functionality implementation on request (if it is reasonable and possible)
  • proxy agent feature
  • report automation and customization (automatically generation of reports in graphs, CSV, PDF or XLS format)
    report examples
  • development of accounting reports as per customer request
  • development of whatever reports or data exports from data collected by the tool
  • prolong data retention time (all data is stored for 3 months then it's being averaged)
  • any software development not classified as "huge software customization"
  • everything covered by Standard support

Standard support

  • professional product support services
  • priority in bug fixing
  • assistance with the tool installation, upgrade or migration
  • any kind of consultations or support excluding things covered by premium support

Monitoring as a Service

We offer STOR2RRD as a Service when we host and operate performance monitoring of your storage infrastructure.
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