3PAR CLI SSH access issue

HPE 3PAR firmware 3.2.2 MU4 brings a new feature which disables IP from when coming regularly ssh sessions.
When STOR2RRD initiates 7 ssh sessions per 5 minutes then IP of STOR2RRD server is blocked after about 12 hours!

HPE support confirmed that it is a feature which cannot be disabled.
Great enhancement ...

Only the solution appeared to be using 3PAR CLI calls instead. That is why you have to install 3PAR CLI package.
There is no fuctional difference between ssh access and CLI access.
Refer to installation manual how to install and enable 3PAR CLI call access.

When you use SSH and you get blocked then:
  • wait several days till that expires
  • run that to release it:
    setnet changenode 1