The tool is able to provide base for your storage accounting based on allocated data in the time.
Capacity allocation data is stored per:
  • Pool
  • Tier
  • Volume
Capacity data is stored every hour.

Customers with premium support subscription can use a framework which exports capacity allocation data from the tool in the format required by each customer.

Output format options:
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • JSON
  • XML
  • PDF
  • Graphical in the UI

Further reporting options:
  • Raw capacity allocation (include RAID and spare disk overhead)
  • Automated creation and either saving in defined location or sending via email
  • One or more defined storage in single report
  • Daily/weekly/monthly or custom date based reports


  • Excel reports
  • Simple example below for allocated space by a storage with 3 Pools in CSV format:
    Time (DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS),Pool1,Pool2,Pool3,TOTAL (GB)
    01.08.2016 00:00:00,20000,20000,20000,60000
    01.08.2016 01:00:00,20000,20000,20000,60000
    31.08.2016 22:00:00,22000,20000,30000,72000
    31.08.2016 23:00:00,22000,20000,30000,72000
    Similar reports can be created for Volume or Tier allocation.

  • Here you can find real simple example of a report for Tier1 storage on hourly base in TB for half of month.