Capacity Monitoring in detail

It is available for:
  • IBM Storwize/SVC/FlashSystem
  • Lenovo V Series (V5030/V3700)
  • Inspur AS5600/5500/2600/2200
  • Hitachi VSP/VSP-G
  • HPE XP7/8
  • HPE Primera, 3PAR
Further storage devices will be coming in future releases.
This feature uses smart trending graphs.

Monitored subsystems
  • Storage Total
  • Pool
  • Tier
Monitored capacity
  • Formated
  • Raw
  • Replication
  • Snapshot
  • Virtual
  • Deduplication
  • Compressed
  • Spare
It also allows you to define Tier price TB in a storage configuration, then you get Tier TB/price based graphs.

Capacity table
Capacity example

Capacity Formated
Capacity example

Capacity Formated - Prediction
Capacity example

Capacity Raw
Capacity example

Capacity Tier
Capacity example

Capacity Price
Capacity example