Storage Grouping in menu

This feature enables users grouping storage together in logical groups (submenu).

Example 1 from v6.10 (include management)
You can see 3 defined groups in management and in the menu
storage group 1

Example 2
Below example shows 4 groups (Production France,Production Italy,Development Franc,Development Italy)
storage group 2


  • STOR2RRD v2.60+: all is driven from the UI: settings icon ➡ Storage Groups
    Refresh the browser (Ctrl-F5) after each change

  • STOR2RRD older than v2.60
    Create new configuration file etc/storage-groups.cfg and add each storage alias, followed by separator and name of the group.
    $ cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd
    $ vi etc/storage-groups.cfg
    HPE-XP7:Production France
    IBM-FLashSystem-900:Production France
    HPE-StoreVirtual:Production France
    HPE-LeftHand:Production France
    HPE-StoreOnce:Production France
    DataCore:Production France
    EMC-XtremIO:Production France
    HPE-Nimble:Production France
    Dell-Compellent:Production France
    EMC-VMAX2:Production France
    EMC-VMAX3:Production France
    HP-3PAR:Production France
    EMC-VNX-block:Development France
    IBM-XIV:Development France
    IBM-A9000:Development France
    EMC-VPLEX:Development France
    EMC-DataDomain:Development France
    EMC-Isilon:Development France
    HDS-VSP-G600:Development France
    HDS-HUS110:Development France
    IBM-DS8800:Development France
    Lenovo-Storwize:Development France
    IBM-Storwize:Development France
    IBM-SVC:Development France
    HDS-VSP-G600:Production Italy
    HDS-HUS110:Production Italy
    IBM-DS8800:Production Italy
    Lenovo-Storwize:Production Italy
    IBM-Storwize:Production Italy
    IBM-SVC:Production Italy
    NetApp-E5500:Production Italy
    IBM-DS5020:Production Italy
    Dell-MD3820:Development Italy
    NetApp-Cmode:Development Italy
    NetApp-7mode:Development Italy
    EMC-VNX-file:Development Italy
    Lenovo-ThinkSystem-DS:Development Italy
    Lenovo-S3200:Development Italy
    HP-MSA2000:Development Italy
    DotHill-AssuredSAN:Development Italy
    Quantum-StorNext:Development Italy
    Huawei-Oceanstor:Development Italy
    PureStorage-FlashArray:Development Italy
    EMC Unity:Development Italy