Copy Services monitoring

STOR2RRD monitoring status of copy services and alerts when anything goes wrong.

Supported storage

  • IBM Storwize family (V7000, V5000 and V3700)
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC)
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000/V840
  • IBM System Storage DS8000
  • Lenovo Storage V Series
  • Hitachi VSP/VSP-G
  • HPE XP7, XP8
  • Dell EMC² VMAX
  • Dell EMC² PowerMax
  • Dell EMC² VNX block
  • NetApp SolidFire
  • HPE 3PAR (STOR2RRD v7.10+)

Supported Copy Services

  • Global Mirror
  • Metro Mirror (PPRC)
  • Flash Copy
  • Global Active Device (GAD)
  • SRDF
  • Remote Copy and Peer Persistence


  • Visually in the UI
  • Email configured for HW event alerting
  • SNMP trap configured for HW event alerting
Future product versions will enhance this feature to more storage types.
You can see it on our free demo site.

Mirroring example
Copy Services mirroring

Flash Copy example
Copy Services mirroring