CMDB / Configuration management

You can use XorMon (LPAR2RRD, STOR2RRD) to keep all you configuration records up to date, whether you need to load configuration into your CMDB, or just keep it in Xormon.
Since we have all configuration data you can see all this information on one place.

Configuration from physical servers to logical servers, including:
  • Hostname
  • Server type
  • Operating system
  • Number of cores and sockets, CPU frequency
  • Processor model
  • Serial Number
  • RAM size
  • Hypervisor
  • Resources assigned to VM (vCPU, RAM, etc)
  • Allocated storage capacity
  • ...
You can see all storage configuration details as well.
  • Storage details such as vendor, model, firmware level
  • Capacity per storage, pool, tier
  • Mapped hosts and allocated capacity per host
  • Volume capacity, ID
  • ...
Networking details are also available for SAN and LAN.
  • Switch configuration data
  • Ports and license data
  • Mapping data
  • ...
Any of these data can be exported to standard formats, such as JSON, XML, CSV, ..., based on your requirements.
Additional requirements can be satisfied with customization on request

We can provide performance statistic for all devices as well.
This feature is available only for users under support