BNA Troubleshooting

BNA stops providing performance statistics for ports

BNA suddenly stops providing port data.
We have got reported it many times with different BNA versions. It might work fine for months, then it suddenly stops.


  1. BNA graphs in the stor2rrd GUI are empty except CPU/Memory graphs
  2. In the error log for this BNA on the stor2rrd side are these messages
        cat /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/logs/error.log-<BNA IP>
        Sat Jan  6 14:20:04 2018: ERROR : SWITCH : brocade01-BNA : Can't create PORTS.cfg and HEALTH_STATUS.txt! Ports not found!/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ :
        Sat Jan  6 14:20:07 2018: ERROR : SWITCH : brocade02-BNA : Can't create PORTS.cfg and HEALTH_STATUS.txt! Ports not found!/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ :

How to prove it without STOR2RRD

  • Via BNA UI:
    Try to generate "Switch Report" in the BNA GUI as the BNA user configured in etc/san-list.cfg for this BNA.
    Generated report will not have data for port Details, like in this example

    Use Curl commands to get statistics we use. NOTE: Use WWN () of one of your switches from BNA in the second command.
    1. Logging in
      set <BNA user>, <user password>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
      curl -ks -X POST -H "WSUsername:" -H "WSPassword:" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" -i https://:/rest/login
    2. realtime performance statistics for 1 FC switch
      set <WStoken>, <switchWWN>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
      curl -ks -X GET -H "WStoken:" -H "switchWWN:" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" https://:/rest/fcswitchstats
    3. Logging out
      set <WStoken>, <BNA IP>, <BNA PORT>
      curl -ks -X POST -H "WStoken:" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1" -i https://:/rest/logout
    4. Here is an example of empty ResponseList (that's mean BNA does not return statistics):
      curl -ks -X GET -H "WStoken:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -H "switchWWN:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" -H "Accept:application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1"
        {"responseList":[]} $

How to fix it

NOTE: As first try point 1, if this will not help, then try point 2.
  1. BNA restart
  2. re-creation of stor2rrd user in BNA
  3. Re-discovering switches:
    Switches discovered through BNA (and the entire switch subsection within the GUI) completely disappears from STOR2RRD.
    MAIN SERVER under the Brocade Server Management Console is not started.
    Start the MAIN SERVER (process = dcmsrv.exe).
    Delete a single fabric from BNA (left other fabrics as is).
    Rediscover that same fabric from BNA.
    Wait a few hours and ran the ./ script STOR2RRD populates ALL data into the GUI for all fabrics within that BNA instance (even though the rediscovery is only done on a single fabric).
Contact your BNA support in case the BNA still does not provide data
It should be enought to provide them outputs from Curl commands

If you find any other solution then providing it us via is higtly appreciated.