Hitachi VSP-G, HUS-VM, HPE XP7/XP8 health status

Only the way to get health status from these storage is SNMP protocol.
Note new firmwares provide healt statust through REST API, so using it you do not need to use SNMP stuff

Install snmpwalk

Skip that in case you are on our Virtual Appliance
  • AIX
    Download Net-SNMP packages and install them.
    Do not use the latest packages on AIX, it does not work, use net-snmp-!
    # umask 0022
    # rpm -Uvh net-snmp- net-snmp-utils- net-snmp-perl-
    Make sure
    • you use PERL=/opt/freeware/bin/perl in etc/stor2rrd.cfg
    • PERL5LIB in etc/stor2rrd.cfg contains /opt/freeware/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/ppc-thread-multi path
  • Linux
    Follow this to get installed SNMP support in the tool on RHEL8 and CentOS8.
    # umask 0022
    # yum install net-snmp
    # yum install net-snmp-utils
    # yum install net-snmp-perl
    Note you might need to allow optional repositories on RHEL to yum can find it
    # subscription-manager repos --list
    # subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms
    Use rhel-7-for-power-le-optional-rpms for Linux on Power etc ...

  • Linux Debian/Ubuntu
    % umask 0022
    % apt-get install snmp libsnmp-perl snmp-mibs-downloader
    If apt-get does not find snmp-mibs-downloader package then enable contrib and non-free repositories.

Storage configuration - VSP-G

Allow SNMP on the storage, configure protocol (SNMP version), community string and permit STOR2RRD IP/hostname.
   Hitachi VSPG SNMP setup

Storage configuration - HUS-VM

Allow SNMP on the storage, it uses SNMP v1, configure community string and permit STOR2RRD IP/hostname.
   Hitachi HUS-VM SNMP setup

Network communication

Allow comunication between STOR2RRD server and the storage on CNTL IP and port 161 UDP
You can test network visibility through this test:
perl /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ 162
  UDP connection to "" on port "161" is ok

STOR2RRD setup

Edit storage configuration line in etc/storage-list.cfg.
Place at its end CNTL IP/hostanme of the storage, protocol version and community string.
Note that
# Hitachi VSP-G and HUS-VM
# HPE XP7 (use VSPG as storage type)
# to encrypt password use: perl ./bin/
# SNMP v2c example, use just SNMP_IP, SNMP_VERSION, SNMP_PORT, SNMP_COMMUNITY fields

# SNMP v3 example


Hitachi VSPG example