Oracle ZFS: Oracle-ZFS_Worksheets_and_datasets.htm

ZFS Storage is collecting just a limitted set of storage metrics by default.
STOR2RRD needs to create additional datasets necessary to provide more detailed performance overview.
Datasets will be groupped into several Worksheets on the storage named STOR2RRD_*

Please, do not delete these worksheets and datasets as they are necessary for STOR2RRD functionality.

STOR2RRD_arc - cache statistics

arc.sizea                         ARC cache in MB
arc.size[component] ARC in MB - ARC data, ARC headers, ARC other
arc.hitratio ARC Hit ratio in %
arc.accesses[hit/miss] ARC access/sec
arc.l2_size L2ARC cache in MB
arc.l2_accesses[hit/miss] L2ARC access/sec

STOR2RRD_node - CPU, devices, interface

cpu.utilization                   CPU % utilization
cpu.utilization[cpu] CPU % utilization (by CPU)
nic.kilobytes Throughput in kB/s (total)
nic.kilobytes[device] Throughput in kB/s (by port)
nic.kilobytes[direction] Throughput in kB/s (by direction)

STOR2RRD_iscsi - iSCSI protocol

iscsi.ops iSCSI IOPS (total)
iscsi.ops[op] iSCSI IOPS (read/write)
iscsi.ops[lun] iSCSI IOPS (by LUN)
iscsi.ops[initiator] iSCSI IOPS (by initiator)
iscsi.bytes iSCSI Throughput in B/s (total)
iscsi.bytes[lun] iSCSI Throughput in B/s (ny LUN)
iscsi.bytes[initiator] iSCSI Throughput in B/s (by initiator)
iscsi.avglatency iSCSI Average latency
iscsi.avglatency[op] iSCSI Average latency (read/write)
iscsi.avglatency[pool=<pool>][op] iSCSI Average latency for each pool (read/write)

STOR2RRD_fc - FC protocol

fc.ops                            FC IOPS (total)
fc.ops[op] FC IOPS (read/write)
fc.ops[lun] FC IOPS (by LUN)
fc.ops[initiator] FC IOPS (by initiator)
fc.bytes FC Throughput in B/s (total)
fc.bytes[lun] FC Throughput in B/s (by LUN)
fc.bytes[initiator] FC Throughput in B/s (by initiator)
fc.avglatency FC Average latency
fc.avglatency[op] FC Average latency (read/write)

STOR2RRD_nfs - NFS protocol

nfs3.bytes                        NFS3 Throughput in B/s (total)
nfs3.bytes[op] NFS3 Throughput in B/s (read/write)
nfs3.bytes[share] NFS3 Throughput in B/s (by share)
nfs4-1.bytes NFS4 Throughput in B/s (total)
nfs4-1.bytes[op] NFS4 Throughput in B/s (read/write)
nfs4-1.bytes[share] NFS4 Throughput in B/s (by share)

STOR2RRD_smb - SMB protocol

smb2.bytes                        SMB2 Throughput in B/s (total)
smb2.bytes[op] SMB2 Throughput in B/s (read/write)
smb2.bytes[share] SMB2 Throughput in B/s (by share)
smb3.bytes SMB3 Throughput in B/s (total)
smb3.bytes[op] SMB3 Throughput in B/s (read/write)
smb3.bytes[share] SMB3 Throughput in B/s (by share)

STOR2RRD_disk - backend disk IO

io.ops                            Disk IOPS (total)
io.ops[op] Disk IOPS (read/write)
io.ops[disk] Disk IOPS (by disk)
io.bytes Disk throughput in B/s (total)
io.bytes[op] Disk throughput in B/s (read/write)
io.bytes[disk] Disk throughput in B/s (by disk)

Creating additional datasets will put a higer load on ZFS Storage CPUs.
Check your ZFS Storage CPU utilization before enabling the monitoring.