Alerting via SNMP TRAP

Install Prerequisites (skip that in case of Virtual Appliance)

  • AIX
    Download Net-SNMP packages and install them.
    Do not use the latest packages for AIX, it does not work, use net-snmp-! It will not work with AIX standard OS cmd /usr/sbin/snmptrap!
    # umask 0022
    # rpm -Uvh net-snmp- net-snmp-utils- net-snmp-perl-
  • Linux
    Follow this to get installed SNMP support in the tool on RHEL8 and CentOS8.
    # umask 0022
    # yum install net-snmp
    # yum install net-snmp-utils
    # yum install net-snmp-perl
  • Linux Debian/Ubuntu
    % umask 0022
    % apt-get install snmp libsnmp-perl snmp-mibs-downloader
    Assure that this line is commented out in /etc/snmp/snmp.conf
    #mibs :
    If apt-get does not find snmp-mibs-downloader package then enable contrib and non-free repositories.

Configure alerting

Product UI ➡ Alerting ➡ Options ➡ SNMP Trap host


Here you can find MIB: XORUX-MIB.txt

Trap examples

### TRAP 2016-12-19 14:37:10  40154   1       public  stor2rrdSendTrap.0.7
stor2rrdStorageName: storageXY
stor2rrdAlertType : io_rate
stor2rrdValue     : 9.9

Trap testing

You can test trap from cmd like (AIX example):
# /opt/freeware/bin/snmptrap -v 1 -c public '' 6 7 '' s storageXY s 'io_rate' s 9.9