Hitachi VSP-G (HUS-VM) Export Tool set up

1. Create user for exclusive use of the Export Tool

You must create a user ID for exclusive use of the Export Tool. Assign only the Storage Administrator (Performance Management) role to the user ID for the Export Tool. It is recommended that you do not assign any roles other than the Storage Administrator (Performance Management) role to this user ID. The user who is assigned to the Storage Administrator (Performance Management) role can do the following:
  • Save the monitoring data into files
  • Change the gathering interval
  • Start or stop monitoring by the set subcommand
Hitachi VSP-G user

2. Performance Monitor license

Install the license key in the Storage Navigator:
Hitachi VSP-G license

3. Performance Monitor enable

Enable performance monitoring in the Storage Navigator (set 5 minutes as sample interval):
Hitachi VSP-G enable

Partitioned Array

If a Hitachi array is partitioned into resource groups (it is the case when GAD is enabled), the user must have access to all of them
To make sure a stor2rrd user can access all resource groups, create a custom User Group (Administration -> User Groups, Create User Group button). A Create User Group wizard will open.

On step 2, add Storage Administrator (Performance Management) to the list of assigned roles.
Storage Administrator (View Only) is added by default.

On step 3, select all resource groups on the left and click the Add button to assign them to the user group. Click Finish.

Now create a stor2rrd user and assign it to the newly created resource group.
Or change the user group assignment if the user already exists.