Dell EMC² MetroNode Capacity monitoring

It's necessary to enable automatic generation of capacity CSV files.
STOR2RRD uses CapacityClusters.csv generated by the storage as a main data source
Without that you won't see capacity statistics in the STOR2RRD UI. It is only the way how to get any capacity information from the storage.

MetroNode adjustments

Set up automatic generation of capacity CSV files via VPlexcli on the first node of your MN cluster (where stor2rrd has allowed SSH read only access) via VPlexcli
VPlexcli:/> schedule add "5 * * * *" "report capacity-clusters --verbose"
Check if the job was set properly (via VPlexcli)
VPlexcli:/> schedule list
  [0] 5 * * * * report capacity-clusters --verbose
After an hour, check if the CSV file was automatically created (as stor2rrd user) with the recent timestamp
stor2rrd@director-1-1-a:>; ll /var/log/VPlex/cli/reports
  -rw-r--r-- 1 service groupSvc  39347 Nov 23 12:05 CapacityClusters.csv
  -rw-r--r-- 1 service groupSvc 748435 Nov 23 12:05 CapacityClustersStorageVolumes.csv
  -rw-r--r-- 1 service groupSvc 557572 Nov 23 12:05 CapacityClustersVolumes.csv
When this is done, STOR2RRD automatically recognizes it and get capacity data from these files.

Note: Dell EMC² MetroNode capacity monitoring is supported since STOR2RRD v7.83-3