STOR2RRD server HW sizing

HW sizing depends on number of monitored storage, their types and number of volumes.
Storage using 3rd party API installed on the STOR2RRD host (especial ones using Java) need naturaly more HW resources than ones using REST API. Always start with 4 CPU cores, 10-16 GB RAM and 100 GB disk space.
Such setup should cover about 20 storage and 1000 SAN ports.
For each next 10 storage add 2 CPU cores and 8GB RAM (40 storage total: 8 CPUs, 20-26GB RAM).

Disk space depends on number of volumes.
Storage with 1k volumes needs about 5GB disk space. Storage with 100 volumes needs 0.5-1GB.
Each monitored SAN port requires about 15 MB disk space.
Each monitored LAN port requires about 17 MB disk space (ports not being used are skipped).

Following storage types requires more CPU and mainly memory: IBM DS8000, Hitachi VSP VSPG, HPE XP7, IBM DS5000, NetApp E/EF series, Lenovo DE series, Dell MD3000.

All Unix operating systems are supported for hosting of STOR2RRD server.
However preferable is Linux (RHEL 7, CentOS 7), you might face difficulties in installation of prerequisite packages on other OS (especially on AIX/Solaris).