Manual upload of Docker images

Docker images can be manually uploaded to a STOR2RRD host with a restricted internet access.


Linux host with Docker binaries and access to Docker Hub.


Download and save images as tar files

  • Login to your linux host with access to Docker hub

  • Pull images from Docker Hub
    [root@vm]# docker pull confluentinc/cp-zookeeper:5.2.2
    [root@vm]# docker pull confluentinc/cp-kafka:5.2.2
    [root@vm]# docker pull confluentinc/cp-schema-registry:5.2.2
  • List images to get their ID
    [root@vm]# docker image ls | grep -e "^confluentinc/cp-"
    confluentinc/cp-schema-registry   5.2.2     bcee4f9d8e6e   8 months ago   746MB
    confluentinc/cp-kafka             5.2.2     3b55c8e39607   8 months ago   569MB
    confluentinc/cp-zookeeper         5.2.2     7c9a8e8aab6c   8 months ago   569MB
  • Save images as tar files to /tmp directory
    [root@vm]# docker image save --output /tmp/cp-schema-registry_522.tar  bcee4f9d8e6e
    [root@vm]# docker image save --output /tmp/cp-kafka_522.tar            3b55c8e39607
    [root@vm]# docker image save --output /tmp/cp-zookeeper_522.tar        7c9a8e8aab6c

Upload tar files to STOR2RRD host

Upload tar files to /tmp directory

Import images on STOR2RRD host

  • Login to STOR2RRD host as root

  • Import images
    [root@xorux]# docker image load --input /tmp/cp-schema-registry_522.tar
    [root@xorux]# docker image load --input /tmp/cp-kafka_522.tar
    [root@xorux]# docker image load --input /tmp/cp-zookeeper_522.tar