Hitachi Configuration Manager

Hitachi Configuration Manager can be used as a replacement of Hitachi CCI, its configuration is much easier than CCI.
Either use direct storage REST API instead of CCI, which is not however available on older systems like the VSP G1000 or VSP G200/400 which have no REST API support.
Therefore its implemented Hitachi Configuration Manager support to enable REST API access even for these storage devices.

Configuration is easy, create an account on Hitachi Configuration Manager and put its hostname and user credentials into STOR2RRD configuration.
You have to define also device id of the storage.

Hitachi Configuration Manager is apparently free for Hitachi customers.


  • Open port to the HCP are 23450 (HTTP) or 23451 (HTTPS) from STOR2RRD server
  • It uses same user account which is used for Export Tool already created on the back-end storage

Hitachi VSP G/F/E, HUS-VM monitoring setups

  1. CCI / Export Tool
  2. Storage REST API / Export Tool
  3. HCM REST API / Export Tool (since STOR2RRD v7.30)
Hitachi VSP monitoring scenarios