v1.30 (23.06.2016)

New version of STOR2RRD has been released with many new features and enhancements. Major enhancements are support for additional storage and significantly enhanced alerting possibilities. List of supported storage is extended by Hitachi VPS-G, HUS-VM and VSP (and all the OEM rebrands such as HP XP) and NetApp FAS (C-mode and 7-mode). Is it possible to define alerts per whole storage or pool. Another news is trending which allows you predict future storage utilization.

Support for new storage devices

  • NetApp FAS (C-mode & 7-mode)
  • Hitachi VSP-G
  • Hitachi VSP
  • Hitachi HUS-VM
  • HP XP7
Actual Feature Matrix

Storage enhancements

  • Alerting enhancements
    • Alerting per whole storage
    • Alerting per a POOL
    • Alerting per response time (latency)
  • Trend graphs for POOL totals
  • Trend graphs in Custom Groups
  • POOL capacity dashboard per storage

SAN enhancements

  • Trend graphs in Total - Data - in/out
  • Trend graphs in Custom Groups
  • Total graphs are much faster now
  • Brocade ports are counted from 0 now (they were from 1 before)


Our server performance monitoring tool for IBM Power Systems and VMware LPAR2RRD will be also updated (4.90) soon. Major enhancement will be IBM i OS agent.

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 STOR2RRD 1.30 enterprise edition for customers under support containing further benefits will be released on the 6th of July 2016.
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