It was released on 21st of Sep 2016.
It is a minor release with a few fixes and enhancement.
  • Custom groups are enhanced about response time graphs
  • Volumes top (local/global): enhanced about "custom" tab where you can specify time range for the report
  • Volume & SAN search (form is on the top right)
  • NetApp 7-mode: where there was only 1 aggregate then UI did not translated Volumes UUIDs into names
  • HDS VSP-G, HUS-VM, VSP: some firmware release might have an issue with reporting list of attached hosts, it does not always work, actual code handles such situation much better
  • HDS HUS-VM and VSP-G (except VSP-G 1000): cache implemented/graphed (Write Pending Rate)
  • HDS VSP-G, HUS-VM: added port stats in initiator mode
  • SAN: Cisco Nexus Eth ports were not in menu, fixed


It was released on 21st of July 2016.
It is a minor release with a few fixes and one Brocade enhancement.
  • NetApp: when there were same volume names in different SVC then none of them was in the UI
  • Brocade: even log implemented: switch / Totals --> healt check --> events


It was released on 22nd of June 2016.
It is a major release. It contains support of new storage:
  • NetApp FAS (C-mode & 7-mode)
  • Hitachi VSP-G
  • Hitachi VSP
  • Hitachi HUS-VM
  • HPE XP7
Actual Feature Matrix

Storage enhancements

SAN enhancements

  • Trend graphs in Total - Data - in/out
  • Trend graphs in Custom Groups
  • Total graphs are much faster now (after upgrade starts conversion on the background, it might take an hour)
  • Brocade ports are counted from 0 now (they were from 1 before)

You might see all on our demo site.

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