• Tree maps
  • Dell EMC² Unity: it did not work in v2.70.
  • Dell EMC² Unity: fix for wrong response time for volumes and disks
  • Topology graphs supports even BNA as a data source
  • Fix for: POOL capacity graphs --> GB is used instead of TB, bug in 2.70

  • 2.70

    New storage support

    • Dell EMC² Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
    • HPE Primera
    • iXsystems FreeNAS, TrueNAS
    • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series

    Main enhancements and fixes

    • Updated UI design
    • Mappings enhancements:
      • Graphical visualisation of SAN topology between storage and SAN switches (ports, colored links per utilization): UI ➡ Storage ➡ Mapping ➡ SAN Topology
      • IBM Storwize/SVC/FlashFystem: new mapping table Disk2Host under storage mapping item, it maps complete logical device paths from disks to hosts within the storage, useful especially for SVC
    • Dell EMC² DataDomain: 7.x firmware support
    • Dell EMC² VMAX/PowerMAX: support of Hosts and SLO in Unisphere 9.x
    • Oracle ZFS: implemented total response time for older firmware versions such as 2013.,1-
    • Oracle ZFS: support for multinode clusters
    • Huawei OceanStor: Data reduction ratio graphs in each pool
    • IBM Storwize, SVC, FlashSystem: fixed an issue with hanging ssh sessions
    • Infinidat InfiniBox: Infinibox 5.x support
    • HPE 3PAR: fixed pool capacity data for newer 3PAR firmwares
    • SAN: error counters are presented as errors/minute which improves comprehensibility compared to formerly used errors/sec
    • DataCore: volume response time fix for new DataCore firmware version via REST API 2.0
    • DataCore: much more efficient download of performance data via REST API 2.0 (much fewer queries)

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