Small fixes only
  • QNAP: support of more QNAP storage in single Qcenter
  • Hitachi VSPG: REST API small fixes
  • IBM Storwize, FlashSystem: Child pool capacity correction


New storage support

  • NetApp SolidFire
  • FalconStor FreeStor
  • Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
  • QNAP
  • NetApp E-Series re-implementation using REST API

Main enhancements and fixes

  • Dashoard export/import
  • IBM Storwize/SVC/FlashSystem, Lenovo DE Series:
    • Support for new tier level SCM (Storage Class Memory)
    • Physical capacity graphs when compression is in place: storage ➡ Pool ➡ Capacity ➡ Physical
    • All tiers used capacity in single aggregated graph for each pool: storage ➡ Pool ➡ Item ➡ Pool name ➡ Tiers
  • IBM DS8000: each can have its own DScli version defined in storage properties
  • Dell EMC² VMAX/PowerMAX: health status implemented for Unisphere v9+
  • Hitachi VSPG: implemented REST API access as replacement for Hitachi CCI and SNMP
  • SAN Topology total diagrams
  • Fujitsu Eternus firmware V11L30-0000+ support
  • Capacity Group graphs (total capacity for each defined storage group): UI ➡ Capacity ➡ Capacity Group
  • SAN Brocade: implemented RX and TX power levels graphs for SFP
  • HPE StoreOnce: fixed stream data for VTLs

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