It contains a few fixes of 2.00 version:
  • 3PAR: DelAck under Cache did not work properly
  • 3PAR: custom groups did not work
  • SVC/Storwize: when compression on the storage is enabled then POOL read/write graphs did not work
  • SVC/Storwize: capacity data per tier disapeard with SVC firmware
  • DOTHILL: pool data did not work
  • DS8K: sudden gaps in the data might happened after any volume config change on the storage, fixed
  • VNX block: pool response time total graph did not work


It brings these major enhancements:
  • EMC² VMAX support
  • Support for DotHill AssuredSAN and its re-brands like
    • HPE MSA P2000
    • Lenovo S2200, S3200
    • Quantum StorNext Q-Series
    • Teradata Appliance 2800
  • HPE 3PAR enhancements
    • TIER stats
    • DRIVE stats
    • vLUN stats (VOLUME item in the UI)
    • vVOL stats (VOLUME before) moved under VVOL item
    • Cache hit per node
    • Cache page stats per tier (dirty pages, delay acknowledge)
    • HOST statistics based on real host throughput instead of volume data aggregation
    • PORT aggregated graphs per FC adapters only
    • PORT names are enhanced about label name and port type
    • Support for new firmware 3.2.2 MU4 where appeared this issue
  • Dell PowerVault MD3000 series support
  • QLogic SAN blade switches support

Other changes:
  • Volumes TOP: enhanced about pool, capacity and host mapping columns
  • Host TOP implemented like Volumes TOP
  • Historical reports enhanced about reporting per a host
  • Health status: HW event alerting via email/SNMP trap
  • Alerting is enhanced about alerting per a host or a custom group
  • Alerting via SNMP TRAP
  • Storwize/SVC
    • implemented cache stats for 7.3+ firmwares
    • support for new HW model SV1
    • "Zero b2b (%)" and CRC errors per port
    • PORT aggregated graphs per FC adapters
    • PORT names contain WWN
    • new TIER0-NL added into POOL capacity graphs
    • Compression statistics per POOL
  • DS8000: PORT response time added

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