It comes with fixes of 1.24 together with some small enhancements
  • 3PAR: "capacity dashboard" values fixed, now it shows storage capacity correctly
  • 3PAR: implemented health check
  • HUS : new mapping configuration table: Port - Host - Volume
  • SVC/Storwize: performance data is loaded into the DB every 5 minutes (before it was once an hour)
  • DS8K: newelly added DS8K storage did not work
  • SAN: enhanced configuration reporting (total & per switch)
  • SAN: implemented possible change of SNMP port from default one 161 in etc/san-list.cfg: SNMP_PORT=161
  • SAN: implemented heatmap for Cisco switches


It fixes couple of small problems in 1.24
  • XIV/3PAR: pool details has not been shown, only POOL aggregated graphs, only 1.24 has been affected
  • SVC: Tier info in capacity overview disappeared, fixed
  • HUS: if POOL ID was 0 then it did not appear in "Configuration" page, fixed
  • AMS: when RG has allocated complete its space then it did not show RG capacity
  • DS5K: support for older firmware in DS4700


It brings following
Support for storage and SAN switches:
  • Hitachi HUS
  • Hitachi AMS 2000
  • HP 3PAR
  • Cisco MDS SAN switches (include VSAN)
  • Cisco Nexus switches
  • Brocade SAN Virtual Fabric is supported
  • Volumes TOP page (it contains all volumes from all storage in 1 sortable table with performance details)
  • UI: new filtering implemented for all tables and all their columns include legends on aggregated graphs
    (point mouse on the shadow strip under each table header)


2 new small enhancements
  • SAN ISL graphs contains in the legend the source and even the target SAN port
  • SAN BBcredits graph is in "% of time" insteaf of number of 2,5ms ticks whent there were no buffers available


It comes mainly with:
  • SAN monitoring
  • IBM FlashSystem V9000 support
  • Alerting based on performance thresholds
  • Custom Groups: you can group whatever volume or SAN port in your environment and make performance aggregated graphs of them
  • Capacity reports: capacity usage of all attached storage in one view
  • Storage event monitoring (IBM DS5000/4000/3000 support so far)
  • SAN Heatmap feature has been introduced for SAN ports

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