New major version coming mainly with:
  • New UI
  • Many new metrics
  • Host graphs
  • Volume Top statistics
Actual Feature Matrix

You can see all new features on the live demo site.

Detailed list of new features:

  • Brand new UI
    • Dashboard
      • You can on a mouse click place whatever graph into the dashboard
      • You can arrange your graphs by drag and drop
      • You can get a full size graph after click on it
    • Graph zoom feature
  • New metrics:
    • SVC/Storwize
      • Pool capacity graphs per a tier
      • Host graphs
    • DS8000
      • PPRC graphs
      • Cache hit
      • Volume back-end graphs
      • Host graphs
    • Each component (Pool/Port/Rank/Volume/Drive) has full set of its basic metrics:
      Data/IO/response time, all per read/write (in/out)
  • Historical reports are able to report all metrics


  • IBM XIV support will be available at the end of Apr 2015 (v1.10?)
  • IBM FlashSystem storage will be supported soon (v1.10?)
  • EMC and Hitachi storage
  • Alerting

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