It fixes a few issues that appeared in 2.50 and adds a few enhancements.


  • Huawei OceanStor/Dorado: add model & firmware version to HW configuration
  • Huawei OceanStor/Dorado: added oversubscription and virtual capacity metrics
  • Reporter: added CSV capacity report for storage pools
  • SAN: added "Total available" and "Free" ports to configuration table
  • LAN: added CPU/memory support for smaller switches


  • IBM SVC: there could appear gaps in data after 2.50 upgrade especially on 6-8 nodes clusters, fixed
  • IBM FlashSystem 9100: added port type NVMe
  • IBM FlashSystem 900/840: a few fixes, definitely upgrage to this release
  • EMC Unity: fix for new firmware releases 4.5+
  • SAN alerting: in some cases, repeat time was ignored, fixed
  • SAN Brocade: enc_out, disc_c3, link_fail, loss_sync metrics were not collected, fixed
  • ACL configuration of Custom Groups was broken, fixed


Major enhancements are support for further storage systems and new features.

New storage support

  • Dell EMC² PowerVault ME4 Series
  • Dell EMC² PowerMAX
  • IBM FlashSystem 9100

New features

  • Reporter - many enhancements
  • Report of inactive volumes (under Volume TOP) for last month
  • Total graphs (all storage in single graph IO/Data/Latency)
  • Grouping storage in then menu into custom defined groups
  • POOL capacity heatmap
  • Virtual capacity and over-subscription added into tables/graphs
  • HW summary of all devices (serial, IP, model ...)

Other enhancements

  • NetAPP: oversubscription for pools added
  • HPE StoreOnce: housekeeping graphs (housekeeping status and housekeeping pending)
  • IBM DS8000: health status implemented
  • IBM DS8000: Port graphs are enhanced about CRC Error, Receive Buffer Zero, Send Buffer Zero
  • IBM SVC/Storwize/FlashSystem: number of seesions to the storage was significantly reduced
  • DataCore: volume latency implemented (DataCore Rest Api 1.07+)
  • Hitachi VSP-G: snapshot status implementation (copy services)
  • Hitachi VSP-G: health status
  • Hitachi VSP-G: FMC Pool capacity data graphed
  • Dell Compellent: added capacity trend graph
  • SAN: optimisation on the back-end, less SNMP queries is needed
  • Reporter enhanced about capacity trends reporting

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