• Huawei OceanStore: fixed time issue when data might be reported with shifted time depending on its time zone
  • HPE StoreOnce: couple of fixes for physical multinode storage
  • Dell EMC² XtremIO: when internal storage time was bad then data did not come, fixed
  • Dell EMC² VNX for file: capacity of pools was not correct, fixed
  • Dell EMC² VMAX: capacity in storage capacity dashboard missed, fixed
  • Dell EMC² VPLEX: fix for firmware version is 5.3+ where response time read/write metrics were renamed in VPLEX
  • CopyServices alerting: alert will be sent once per an issue


Major enhancements are support for additional storage systems and new Reporter feature.

Support for new storage

  • Dell EMC² XtremIO
  • HPE StoreOnce
  • DataCore SANsymphony
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series

New features

  • Reporter automates creating of PDF, CSV reports from all performance data kept by the tool.
    Reports can be automatically sent to email addresses or saved on the filesystem.
  • Copy Services monitoring and alerting
  • HostTOP and VolumesTOP have possibility of CSV export
  • UI: grouping storage per storage type in the menu (a checkbox on the bottom of the menu panel)
  • HW event email alerting contains detail description of the problem
  • Alerting: Response time alert contains an option for specifying of a IO threshold what allows raising an alert
  • SAN monitoring
    • Configuration pages enhancements
    • Monitoring of CPU and Memory on Brocade switches (firmware 7.4.2c+)

Fixes and small enhancements

  • IBM SVC/Storwize, HPE 3PAR: new configuration page includes HW info
  • HPE 3PAR: POOL capacity of CPG's were saved under wrong id's, fixed
  • Fujitsu ETERNUS: smaller fixes for capacity, port perf data, host mappings and node perf data
  • Infinidat InfiniBox: storage agent might hang forever under specific conditions
  • HPE Nimble: reduced number of ssh sessions to the storage for getting data
  • Dell EMC² Isilon: support for latest firmware release, there was a change in storage REST API
  • Dell EMC² Isilon: getting of node perf data might failed under some circumstances
  • Dell EMC² DataDomain v6.x: wrong data direction in replication graphs, read/write was swapped
  • Dell EMC² DataDomain: total capacity was wrong, was used licensed capacity instead of total
  • SAN monitoring: historical reporting fix, only data was working

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