New major version coming mainly with:
  • Support for new storage devices
    • IBM XIV
    • IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000
      All they are rebranded NetApp E-series, formerly LSI
  • Clickable and sortable legends on all aggregated graphs, demo example
  • POOL graphs are enhanced about front-end statistics (so far only POOL back-end statistic were available)
  • and many other small fixes and enhancements
Actual Feature Matrix

All newly supported storage can be seen on our demo site

Know issues and limitations

  • Cache hits is not supported for SVC and Storwize 7.3+ firmware releases. Older firmware versions are fine
    It will be supported again in future versions.
  • 1.11 fixes
    • XIV: load on new XIV's can fail with: "Argument "4cb05714e0000c" isn't numeric in array element at ./bin/ line 3355"
    • DS8000: POOL front-end read/write data was 1024 time lower than it should be
  • 1.12 fixes
    • XIV: fixes for new models with pool ids in hexadecimal
    • DS3000/4000/5000: fixed a problem when the name of the storage contained the dash "-"
    • older browsers like IE 8 could have a problem with displaying of clickable legends
    • many of 0Bytes files like "/var/tmp/-POOL-read-w-web-25139.cmd" persisted in /var/tmp

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